We produce packaging in bags and rolls (plain and printed) to the food industry, agro, industrial, pharmaceutical, with a wide range of plastic materials adapted to each of the demands, needs and technologies of today’s markets.

Our packaging structures provide excellent mechanical properties of tear strength, stiffness and elongation, heat-sealability, gas barrier and moisture, and also better optical properties of transparency, brightness or opacity as the necessary specifications for better protection and presentation of the packed product.

    • Biscuits
    • Snacks
    • Dairy products
    • Coffee
    • Rice
    • Sugar
    • Bakery products
    • Flour
    • Condiments
    • Chocolates
    • Stores
    • Supermarkets
    • Chicken
    • Ice
    • Vegetables
    • Fruits
    • Disinfectant
    • Toilet paper
    • Disposable
    • Detergent
    • Soaps
    • Diapers