We have the experience and infrastructure to make each and every one of the processes requested according to the requirement of our customers. We perform partial or complete of the highest quality and with excellent delivery times processes.

Pre-PressExtrusionFlexographic impressionRollingSlitter and ConversionTransport and Packaging


We have our own department of graphic design and Digital Prepress that we provide solutions in all phases of the process from design to test color.

Our machines are the most modern in the country, allowing us to obtain final plates of the highest quality. All the preparation work of arts, scanning at high resolution, color separation, output movies and production blocks, is performed in this department so we do not require external services; we manufacture clichés “in house”.


It’s the first stage in the production process. Raw materials LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, and MDPE become polyethylene films through film blowing method which is the beginning of the manufacturing of many products.
To offer our customers a wide variety of films and coextruded monoextruded we have the latest technology and more than five years working with oxobiodegradable raw material for the protection of the environment and endorsed by the FDA.

Flexographic impression

Committed to technological innovation and pushing the boundaries of flexo printing, we have combined high technology image processing and film printing photo-quality differentiated HD Gradients and polychrome obtaining optimum quality.

We have European technology machinery printer from 1-10 Pantone colors at a speed of 500 m / min, achieving the best results reaching and exceeding the expectations of our customers.


Thanks to innovative and complete rolling department offer multiple combinations of different structures of two, three or even four layers to pack all kinds of products. Solventless work, meeting international standards set by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in the United States.

We flexibility and ability to adapt to all technical and commercial requirements of our customers and we offer structures with materials such as polyethylene, BOPP, metallized BOPP, BOPP matte, pearl BOPP, polyester, aluminum foil, cast polypropylene, paper, among others.

Slitter and Conversion

Through teams called slitter rewinders guarantee the final measures of the films for automatic packaging and bags for manual packaging. The teams concoct called automatic sealing covers according to the required specifications.
Our range of machinery allows us to offer a wide range of cases, such as Patch-Handle, Handle Soft-, Soft-Loop, Wicket, seal T, Die Cut, T-shirts, etc., ensuring excellent sealing, opening and dimensions for achieve an efficient performance in the packing process.

Transport and Packaging

The finished products are properly packed with respective protection for transport and storage. Shipments are scheduled by the planning department to ensure customer lead time.
All products are weighed on a digital scale and also issued certified labels with accurate weight information, batch and date, etc., which assure an excellent identification and traceability of our products.